Everyone has an opinion about TikTok. So do we. We also have experience in it, which resulted in our TikTok campaign being in the top 10 in 2020.

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform not only in the world, but also in Hungary. This means that now you can not only reach primary school pupils, but also university and college students. The platform is growing so fast month by month that now even the “older” age groups are using it every day. Education has moved from our school desks to our phones, which is why TikTok is such a great platform to get through messages. It’s the platform where educational messages can be most effectively delivered to the younger generation.

Our TikTok team will find the educational message that will help teach the TikTok audience. We’re playing it safe: we’ll get your brand noticed by the under 25s. At Open Communications, we place a strong emphasis on spreading real and authentic knowledge: That is why we have become specialists in educational TikTok campaigns and developed our Edu-Ti(k)Tok service package, which is aligned with the brand’s mission.

MPRSZ PR Excellence Award

The Hungarian Egg Association’s rEGGelem educational TikTok campaign won the Gold Award of the Hungarian Public Relations Association’s PR Excellence Award in the influencer cooperation category.

The fun educational rEGGelem programme was launched in 2019 by the Egg Association. The programme’s aim is to educate students leaving for school without eating on the importance of a full breakfast, and the benefits of eggs. Students had the opportunity to learn more of the subject at a special class led by an improvisation troupe.

Due to the coronavirus situation, we were unable to go back to schools in 2020 with the programme, so we moved the it to TikTok, the most popular social media platform among the target group.

Ildikó Panulin, spokesperson for Magyar Posta, the chair of the category jury, specifically highlighted that the programme became even stronger during the COVID situation, and that the available budget allowed for very good achievements.