We select the right influencer who not only reaches the target audience, but also engages and mobilises them.


They can be the faces of a product, opinion leaders, role models, or on the contrary divisive people, but we’ll definitely pay attention to them and their stories. They all influence us, our consumer choices and preferences: influencers represent brands or causes. With their videos, posts and stories, they almost dominate the consumer communication landscape. Our wide range of influencers allow us to know whose character and lifestyle best matches a brand’s values and how to get the message across through them.

This decade is about smartfluencers. We represent opinion leaders who are the most credible in their field, based on their knowledge and achievements both nationally and internationally. We offer renowned speakers who, as key note speakers, motivate today’s corporate employees with their presentations and the ideas they have formulated in their professional work, and who will bring real knowledge back into the mainstream.