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News Nokia 01 News Nokia 02

OpenCom won Nokia again

After the Microsoft Mobile period, the reborn Nokia contacted OpenCom again to ask for our participation in the tender conducted to return to the market.

OpenCom was pleased to take the challenge and we are happy to announce that since January 2017 Nokia (HMD Global) has been our client again.

News Trening Aczel

Petra Aczél, linguist, communications researcher and university professor was our guest for training purposes.

Petra, expert of today’s communications techniques highlighted that it is easy to speak, but it is hard to actually express what we really would like to say. As a result of the training we’ve built in her thoughts and suggestions to our daily working routines.

News Tet

Ready, set, success! Conference of TÉT Platform has brought professionals together!

Research material of TÉT Platform Association has enchanted experts on the 19th of April, 2017 in Budapest Music Center. As a result of the year-long research project a huge amount of research data accumulated in the field of nutrition and healthy lifestyles, which is going to be used for years by the professionals. No wonder the guests barely fitted in the conference hall.

More chairs were needed before the first break. What makes a conference successful in 2017?

News Mekh Vizes

Employees of Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority swam in happiness. Using the theme of the FINA World Championships somehow, the annual family day of the Authority was held at Rukkel-tó Waterpark, for 300 adults as well as 200 children.

Apart from water and inland competitions there were two special programs for the guests, raft building and geocaching. A part of the lunch was made by employees, as 4 teams were competing at the cooking competition, showing how they can make a special goulash with their secretful ingredients.


Communication is not the field of power. Getting your message to your target does not necessarily need to take an effort. Often, a little twist is enough to provide the way to the big picture, to make the strategy work. We take the time necessary to work out this twist.

We provide clients with customized solutions.

Sense En

No matter how well a message or strategy is refined it requires people and human relations and an emotional bond to bring them to life and make them grow. Professionalism is a basic requirement, but the human factor is what wins the battles..

This is what differentiates us from others

Structure En

Development requires structured thinking, and execution requires organization that is often ranked behind creativity today. We plan what is executable and execute what was planned.

Our clients work with us on the long-term – this is the best measure of our reliability.

One lonely day

Fort the occasion of the animal’s day we made a thought-provoking video in cooperation with about the hard everydays of the stray animals. The reason why we are focused on black cats is that their adoption chanches are really reduced beacuse of the beliefs circling about them. Through this video we can face with the toughest reality we even can’t imagine: the day of the stray animals…. In parallel, we created a microsite, where among other thing we can help with informations for the real helpers: visitors can learn about responsible animal husbandry rules, find out what to do when they meet stray animals or read an interview on the subject. We have collected the most important shelters and animal hospitals, plus we have given clues for those, who are really taking care of these animals fates. 

We can do against it, let’s do against it!

[Since then, the video has reached more than 60,000 views, and it triggered deep emotions from viewers both on Facebook and on Youtube]

Ico Sziv Plusz


Would you like your products, your company to be known? Would you like people to commit to your company, to have a basic trust, an emotional connection that could help your consumers make decisions when it comes to choosing between your and competitors’ product, or to help economic decision-makers choose among controversial information?

What is Public Relations? What are Public Affairs or Issue Management for?

We create emotional bonds, build trust and set trends for your company, product and service or even for You. We form people’s opinions and decisions. We reach them where they gather information and we make sure they hear what we have to say. We mediate honestly. .

This is more than a press publication, this is conscious communication planning.

Ico Ertek 01 Vallalati

corporate communication

analysis of corporate communication environment, developing and implementing an effective communication strategy in accordance with its goals

Ico Ertek 02 Ertek

product PR

application of PR instruments as additional elements to sales campaigns, creating an emotional connection towards the product, and thus boosting sales

Ico Ertek 03 Kozosseg

social media planning and management

developing an online social media presence, delivering marketing messages to consumers in an interesting and credible way on the web pages of the company or brand

Ico Ertek 04 Tarsadalmi

CSR campaigns

making the company’s corporate social responsibility visible, development of CSR campaigns or even full-fledged strategy

Ico Ertek 05 Krizis

crisis communication

preparing a crisis communications plan in close cooperation with management, to minimize damage caused by crisis

Ico Ertek 06 Rendezveny

event management

effective execution of events that fit the communications strategy and is in sync with its goals and messages

Ico Ertek 07 Sajto

press office, media monitoring, relations

building and maintaining extensive and active relations with journalists and bloggers, also, managing media requests, continuous media monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns

Ico Ertek 08 Belso

​ internal communication

focuses on exploring solutions and tools within the organization, contributing to the satisfaction of employees

Ico Ertek 09 Hir

​ generating news

creating press releases, PR articles, newsletters, corporate websites, annual reports, product information and other documents as well as customizing messages to the appropriate media

Ico Ertek 10 Public

public affairs

networking with key bodies, governmental decision-makers, NGOs, other opinion-formers bearing in mind the main goals and aspirations of the company

Ico Ertek 11 Issues

issues management

the observing eye that ensures that a company does not face any changes unprepared, analysis of ongoing matters, prioritizing, determining and executing strategy

Ico Ertek 12 Media

media training

preparing the company’s decision-makers or employees for media appearances and handling journalists, introduction of certain communication situations through theoretical and practical examples

Ico Felho

About us

Az Open Communications Ltd. was founded in 1998 and thus entered the sphere of communications agencies. OpenCom’s exciting, innovative solutions and creative workshops were a success: by the early 2000s, the agency was working with P&G, Nokia, IKEA or Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Lohmann, and the Baromfi Termék Tanács as stable partners. The aim of the founders has always been to create an agency focusing on innovative solutions developed and implemented by excellent consultants. These two values are still a priority.

FMCG, IT/Telecommunication, and CSR campaigns, s well as communications consultancy provided for corporations form the backbone of OpenCom’s projects, but we also have experience in healthcare communication, and, recently, in the field of sales support campaigns. 


Szőke Ágnes

strategic director

Founder, Owner, Executive Director of OpenCom. She has 20 years of experience in the field of PR and Public Affairs. She remained active even throughout her maternity leave; in fact, that is when she also started teaching at BKF where she was amongst the first teachers. Building on her experiences in the fields of healthcare and FMCG campaigns, she puts her knowledge to use in CSR campaigns and projects.

Csobaji-Nagy Dóra

account director

She has been an active member of the team responsible for Procter & Gamble's brand and corporate communication since 2002. She has worked on the press campaigns of Raiffeisen Bank, Lohmann Animal Health, Dilmah, Lindt, Baromfi Termék Tanács, Dulux, Dreher and numerous other companies. As a senior consultant, she is currently responsible for the strategic and brand communication of several corporations and brands.

Honlapra Rita Ff
Szűcs Rita

financial manager

She joined Open's team as an economic advisor. Now she controls the company's financial matters as its financial manager. She supports the teams and management with the financial implementation and control of ongoing projects.

Agika 800
Ollé Ágnes

senior consultant

Ágnes joined the Open team in 2011 and started to work on P&G beauty brand communications. Before her maternity leave, she led the P&G team for 3 years. After a short period of time she came back to the company as an event leader and actively participating in the P&G brand communications team again. Her strength is maintaining customer relations and project management. As a senior consultant she is supervising P&G beauty care communications. She also takes part in other projects such as MEKH campaigns and events.

Reka 800
Bencze Réka

strategic leader

She has 15 years of experience in PR. She used to be a senior consultant, taking care of the agency’s professional work before her maternity leave. Now she is the strategic and development consultant, and she coordinates planning and implementing communication projects at TÉT Platform Association.

Barbi 800
Juhász-Kiss Barbara

senior consultant

As a consultant she was the leader of P&G’s Thank you, Mom! campaign for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Now she works as an account executive on the activities of Procter & Gamble corporate communication, Fabric & Home Care and Baby Care brands. She has also actively participated in the development and implementation of other projects such as Cord Blood Center, Tap Factory, Sodexo and KOZMOS. (She is on maternity leave from March of 2018.)

Szűcs Péter

senior consultant

Joined our team with nearly ten years of journalistic and leading experience. He reinforces the IT/Tech line, drives eMAG, Epson and Nokia campaigns. With his creative ideas, outstanding market knowledge and personal vision, he brings in that additional surplus that is indispensable to suceed in this market segment.

Eszteres Ff Res
Jámbor Eszter

senior consultant

Eszter joined to Open Communations Team  with great hopes as a consultant in March 2018. She came from "the other side", worked for several years on television, mostly as a news reporter, and she has experience in online media for six years. She has been a columnist and senior editor at NLCafe, now she is primarily planning and running health campaigns.

Bóla Boglárka

senior consultant

She started her working life at Ericcson as a PR assistant. She joined Open Communications in 2005, that time she planned and organized PR campaigns, press conferences and other press events of IKEA Budapest store. She participated at various brand campaign of P&G. After this she worked abroad on client side and organized the European Healthy Workplaces campaign events in the Western Balkan countries. Returning home she joined Open Communications again, and at present, as a senior communications advisor she participates in corporate and brand communication activities and campaigns of P&G. Her strenght lies in project management with 15 years of experience and her beloved area is employer branding.

Scheirich Gerda

PR assistant

Followed by an internship in the field of Social Media, Gerda has been a prominent member at Open since January, 2019, where she works in the tech division primarily supporting the PR communications of Euronics, Nokia, Epson and Netflix, as well. As a PR assistant, Gerda plays an active role in organising and executing press conferences, media monitoring, and in writing press releases and PR articles.

Varga Zsófia

PR assistant

She joined the OpenCom as an intern and currently working as a PR assistant. She is now helping as a member on Procter&Gamble campaigns and also actively takes part in other projects social and PR activities such as LuxRoll and BTT. 

Case studies

Nokia Kép1 Nokia Kép2

Record attendance at the Hungarian premiere of the Nokia phones, where the new Nokia 6.1 debuted as a ping-pong paddle



The event of HMD Global was held at the end of April, although the phones the Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 Plus, the new Nokia 6 and Nokia 1 have been presented at Mobile World Congress at the end of February, it attracted nearly 40 journalists and 20 influencers. The recipe was: we held the event at the time of the sales start jointly with the premiere of a popular movie and the attendance of celebrities like Lofti Begi, Zoltán Kammerer or Hamvai P.G., who was responsible for the music.


Our client need was to hold a memorable and exclusive event, which attracts many guests and has something special. How did we manage to meet these requirements? The conference room of the Sugár Cinema and the music of Hamvai P.G. made an amazing atmosphere, this was intensified by tables in the colors of HMD,  the various food and drink service, and  the eatable decoration with oreo which  referred to the software of the phones. An additional creative surprise element was that two talented U21 players of the Hungarian Table Tennis Association were playing with the new Nokia phones for the admiration of participants.

Journalists were delighted by a real movie experience, as the press event ended with the live premiere of Third Avengers.


Voroskereszt Pg Kép2 Vöröskereszt Pg Spar Kép1

Corporate Social Responsibility campaign to improve living conditions of children in deep poverty

Perfect timing, good-will mission, and a credible face - the 3 pillars of success this year either


After the success of the year 2016 campaign, Procter & Gamble started secondly its charity campaign named „Tiny help, huge joy” in Autumn of 2017. This initiative was a sort of opening event in the series of the Christmas CSR campaigns, that organized fundraising with involving conscious consumers to improve life conditions of children and their families living in deep poverty.

With this aim SPAR Group offered its own supermarkets and Hungarian Red Cross also handed its own network. Thanks to this cooperation, we managed to collect 9 million HUF donation and which was definitely given to the neediest people.

The reasons for even bigger success than the last year were: This communication program took 6 weeks and was running during the sensitive Christmas season, the social problem which concerns all of the people in the country, and Ördög Nóra who was the perfect and credible choice for the campaign.

The central element of the campaign was that we „gained” not only Nora’s name but her own belief in the campaign. Therefore we mainly used those PR tools where she could be involved into the campaign personally: she visited nurseries in person, moreover on press events and in the TV, online and print interviews she spoke honestly about how she looks her own role in the campaign as an ambassador, and the secret of the campaign’s grandiosity, and how she already can educate her children for charity.

This unusual, honest behaviour was the key of the PR campaign which generated more than 100 coverage.

Lenor Kép1

Lenor- inspired by nature

Press mailing still works


The biggest FMCG manufacturer of the world, P&G, launched its brand new portfolio in Fabric and Home Care category in autumn of 2017, named „Inspired by Nature”.

This new portfolio offers for the users fresh experience with the variation of scents inspired by nature, matching creative design and breakthrough technological innovation of the long-lasting fragrances.

To write all of these we would like to gain the journalists, therefore we were looking for a PR tool to show these element senitively.

This is why that a real classic and preferred PR tool has become the a central element of communication: the  creative press mailing that we planned to execute an extensive way.


The unique, washable, textile bed linen inspired by the new Lenor „Inspired by nature” floral design was been about encharming the journalists. The design of the cover was inspired by the Lenor’s new fragrances and these were delivered in a creative, natural basket to the lead lifestyle journalists and influencers.


The communication was maximised with blogger and media cooperations. This smashing combination generated constant media presence for the next 3 months, and the more than 50 coverage and the more than 15 million unique users.

Tojas Vilagnap01 Tojas Vilagnap02

Product and Brand Communications

A campaign to make eggs popular – Hungarian Egg Association

A strategy to dispel myths about eggs and further increase their popularity among consumers.

There have been myths about eggs for decades, and the Hungarian Egg Association has consistently worked over time to address and dispel them. One myth which still persists, however, is that consumption of eggs increases one’s blood cholesterol level. A strategy was needed to encourage fresh popular dialogue about this important topic.

The idea: Find a pragmatic and trusted reporter with a presence on TV news who could explore where the misbelief comes from and why is it so embedded:

  • With Gabriella Jakupcsek’s broadcasting and investigating, experts revealed information regarding the myths about eggs in an extraordinary press event which introduced the real face of eggs

  • A performance by humourist István Dombóvári provided entertaining facts regarding myths about eggs to conclude the event

Result: More than 100 instances of press coverage in a variety of lifestyle magazines and news portals

Bonux 01 Bonux 02

​Bonux “Smartist” campaign – P&G

Blogger cooperation was the key-tool of this campaign. We provided online communication tools to recruit participation from the broad and diverse DIY community.

Unlike traditional product and brand communications, Bonux asked our help in designing and implementing a campaign focusing solely on digital tools. The goal was to actively involve customers while highlighting: the key brand message, the importance of key values, and the versatility and creativity of housewives. 

The idea: the DIY topic was relevant and popular amongst the target group (housewives between the age of 18 and 59). We emphasized the creativity and ingenuity of housewives. We utilized the buzzword “#smartist” to help find and identify Hungary’s “most creative and inventive housewife”:

Through the campaign we discovered Elena, a housewife trying to find a way to earn some extra income to make her and her child’s life better. She started to produce and sell dolls made from objects she found at home.

  • We worked together with five of the most popular DIY bloggers of Hungary who showcased the story of Elena, told their own stories from everyday life, and shared our “looking for #smartist” competition in all their SM platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest).  This all helped to create a general buzz around the message of Bonux detergent.

Result: Hundreds of applicants used #smartist on a variety of Social Media and online platforms, with the top 10 receiving valuable gifts. There were close to 100 instances of media coverage for this campaign, which altogether generated over 12 million online impressions.

Black Cat Day 01 Black Cat Day 02

Social Media

Black Cat Day - eMAG

A logo which we helped to rebrand

The Black Friday logo has included the image of a black cat for years, but this symbol unfortunately carries a connotation of bad luck for many customers. To neutralize this negative association eMAG and NOÉ Animal Shelter worked together to organize Black Cat Day, the first pet adoption day specifically for black animals.

Before the Black Cat Day event, we involved customers through social media:

  • Images of Dante, a black cat from NOÉ Animal Shelter, appeared on eMAG’s Facebook page while he was playing between Black Friday boxes
  • We asked followers to “like” or “share” the post
  • The goal was to reach 5000 likes and/or shares within a week, upon which eMAG had pledged to donate 500.000 forints to the Animal Shelter

Result: The photo got a total of 6500 likes and was shared 3338 times. This made it one of the most successful posts of eMAG’s Facebook page in Hungary and the subsequent 500.000Ft donation helped to build a new building inside the Animal Shelter. Hundreds of people showed up on the special pet adoption day (many of them adopting black animals). RTL Klub Híradó attended the event to shoot photographs for the daily news as well.

Mekh K 01 Mekh K 02

Internal Communications

Christmas Gala Dinner December 2016 – Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority

Why can a corporate Christmas dinner be a great idea?

The goal was to organize an event which combined holiday spirit with internal networking, to inspire employees to step out from their well-known relationship dynamics and make connections with employees working in other fields of the Authority.

This event needed a perfect location and exceptional program elements:

  • A horizontally and vertically multi-site venue to provide easy circulation and mingling for guests
  • A “casino” theme featuring a broad array of program elements to encourage guests to extend out of their comfort zones and experience new relationship dynamism. A variety of smaller and larger social groups were formed with fun activities such as: cocktail black jack, beer craps, wine roulette, escape room and at wine-palinka tasting
  • A conversation piece was organized in the form of a stand-up comedy show, featuring star-guest István Dombóvári

Result: Our post-survey indicated the satisfaction of both the guests and our Client.

Koszi Anyu01 Koszi Anyu02

​ Corporate Communications

“Thank you, Mom!” campaign, RIO Olympics – P&G

Record impression number in an integrated PR campaign.

The company started its “Thank you, Mom!” campaign in 2012 as a partner of the International Olympic Committee. As in the previous years, our task in 2016 was to popularize the program with integrated communication tools and with the help of global and local content. We chose an iconic athlete and her mom, Katinka and Barbara Hosszú, to be the ambassadors of the campaign and focused on showing them in their everyday life. The newest version of the popular STRONG video was used throughout the campaign as well. The goal was to reach a minimum of 200 million impressions and to put the focus on products instead of corporate communications.

Key elements we provided for the campaign:

  • Made an integrated, multi-stage, 4-month long PR plan.
  • Launched a blog and used it as the central source to provide the latest news about the campaign for journalists and customers.
  • Introduced the new campaign video as a world premiere – together with a press event.
  • Completed the company’s global research with relevant Hungarian data and discussed the results at a round-table event with the ambassadors and experts.
  • Organized a Brazilian-themed event in a popular venue in Budapest and put the focus on products. At the event supporters could experience the atmosphere of Rio a full 30 days before the Olympics, on the International World Day of Olympics.
  • Provided exclusive content and interviews about the preparation for the Olympic Games and the everyday life of Katinka Hosszú which kept the interest of journalists for 4 months.

Result: Throughout the campaign, there were more than 530 articles in print, online media and on TV, radio, blogs and Social Media.

25Eves Pg 01 25Eves Pg 02

​25 years in Hungary – P&G

Creative conception for the jubilee of a multinational company.

In 2016 P&G celebrated 25 years in Hungary with a series of domestic investments and the announcement of a new strategic agreement with the Hungarian Government. Our task was to draw attention to the company’s Hungarian milestones and to develop concepts for the jubilee; in the process improving corporate and customer communications.

The central element of the creative idea for this milestone anniversary celebration was, instead of celebrating itself, for P&G to say thanks to the country for everything it did for the company over the past 25 years, and to express how this past collaboration guarantees the possibility of future investments. This is how the “Thank you, Hungary” concept was created.

Result: We not only incorporated the “Thank you, Hungary” concept into press materials and PR communications but also provided the entire framework for the visual elements of the jubilee event.

Eset Nokia01 Eset Nokia02

Launch of new Nokia phones - HMD Global

Creative press breakfast, which was worthy for the return of the brand new Nokia phones

In summer 2017 the Finnish-based HMD Global announced the arrival of the latest Nokia smartphones – Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 to Hungary, along with the iconic Nokia 3310 device. Our task and goal was to relaunch the traditional mobile brand in the spirit of „UniteFor” in the scope of an informal and friendly press event.

As the journalists received the unique invitations jointly with special cupcakes they got the chance to get to the event by TukTuk cars together with Nokia team. Representatives of Tech media titles were really impressed by getting to know new Nokia devices while they were having breakfast and talking with HMD Global team members.

Result: Guests became a part of the „UniteFor” story on the event.

Eset Tet01 Eset Tet02

Event Management

Conference on Nutrition Knowledge – TÉT Platform Association

What makes a conference successful in 2017?

New research data about consumers’ nutrition knowledge, health awareness, the role of social media and eating habits of the youth. All this what we had as starting points. The big volume of research data was available as a result of TÉT Platform’s market year-long research project. How could we make it public for the professional stake holders with turning the data into knowledge? The answer was to organize a professional conference which gave a real ‘content’ for the participants for a long run.

Result: Most of the authorities working in the field of nutrition and lifestyle attended the Conference on Nutrition Knowledge where guests had the chance to get to know the latest trends, factors influencing our lifestyle directly from the researcher companies. Library room of the Budapest Music Center hosted the event, providing a modern and scientific milieu for the interesting statements. The main results were revealed at the event and there’s a White Book to be prepared for the profession in the near future. Design and compilation is coordinated by our agency.

Eset Mekh 01 Eset Mekh 02

Social Campaigns, CSR

MEKH launched a competition for University students

Superheroes to the Hungarian education!

The goal of Energy Ambassadors 2017 program was to make conscious energy consumption knowledge even more interesting and funny for primary and high school students. Our task is to change customer’s view of energy-conscious approach by promoting the campaign.

After launching the competition, coordinating the jury and organizing a solemn ceremony jointly with a press conference, the 4 winners of Energy Ambassadors program will take part in trainings and team building courses during the summer. Then they are ready to start their special self-made physics classes all over the country.


  • appr. 40 applications
  • official website of the competition: more than 4000 visitors, more than 2000 new users
  • MEKH Energiahatékonyság Facebook page: 61 new posts, 6170 likes and 253 comments, reached 140000 users
  • 89 press releases, reached 1,8 million users, AVE value: 4,5 million HUF


Open Communications Kft.

Budapest H-1137,  Szent István park 16.