Organising an educational school programme and TikTok campaign to improve the breakfast habits of schoolchildren

An educational campaign with an amazing Generation Z solution!

At least the half of Hungarian children start school without breakfast, according to a research by TÉT Platform. The Egg Association’s CSR programme, launched in 2019, was a response to this problem, and had to find a new space to address the crunch. The rEGGelem campaign shows primary school children the importance of eating a full breakfast, including the benefits of eggs, in an unusual lesson where they play and have a laugh with the Here and Now improvisation company. Meanwhile, they’ll learn that making an omelette is the easiest thing in the world.


Moving the school breakfast programme into an online space, adapting it to the current world situation.



Instead of playing together, we moved rEGGelem to the online space, more specifically to TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. The playfulness was not lost, because the egg-caring posts by Hungarian influencers Karina Czura, Dani Győrfi and Dominik Togyela reached the target group of primary school children with pinpoint accuracy. The Egg Association, following the latest communication trends, was receptive to the re-launch and voted in favour of our educational proposal to transfer the campaign to TikTok, a channel that is also developing very fast in this country.


The Egg Association’s first TikTok campaign was a huge success, reaching almost a million people.