We prepare the leader, as well as their presentation and speeches, so that they feel comfortable and confident in any situation, whether it’s a management briefing, a presentation to a new client, a speech to employees at the annual meeting, a press interview or a meeting with a politician.

In our experience, many managers take part in communication and media training, but when they find themselves in a tough situation later on, they find it difficult to summon up the communicator who once did so well, whether it is a crisis response to a press enquiry or a speech to colleagues at the annual address. We can tell from many years of experience that the fault is not in the leader. Without constant practice, the knowledge provided by the training will wear off. That’s why we’ve developed Smart Leader Assistance, where you can get help quickly, through one-to-one advice or a bootcamp, with the support of our team of experts.

We can provide a lot to all middle and senior managers with our data visualisation solutions, while our voice coach can help you turn good thoughts into even better speeches. Our rhetoric expert can help you practice at a rapid rehearsal presentation to improve your speech or boost your confidence before the event. Plus, we offer many other services that build the speaker’s brand: based on our experience, we’ve developed the click & speak formula, where leaders can request fast, personal, expert advice within 24 hours with a click of a button. We offer our services to smart leaders who want to make the most of their time as a speaker, and get the best out of the situation and themselves, despite the constant time pressure.

Your professional coaching support is on its way with only a click! If you inquire on behalf of a company manager, please indicate this in the appropriate box.

BOOTCAMP TRAININGS (min. 4 persons)



     (2 x half days + 3 x 60 minutes individual consultations)



    (2 x half days + 2 x 60 minutes individual consultations)



  • Blog posts – editing, proofreading
  • Text SEO
  • Building follower base on LinkedIn
  • Infographics
  • Presentation rehearsal
  • Media interview preparation/rehearsal
  • Voice coach
  • Media training
  • Coaching – personal branding, leadership training
  • Portrait photography in a studio
  • Personal branding design
  • Stylist – own collection visit and refresh shopping

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