Agency for purpose-driven

„We turn happenings into stories. Stories that speak to you,
engage your mind and evoke emotions. Our goal is to ultimately
turn brand messages into memorable experiences.”

Ágnes Szőke

Iván Mihályfi

Open Communications is the true partner
that communications leaders can trust.
We initiate and deliver.

When we created Open Communications, two things drove us. Firstly, we enjoyed what we were doing. We brought to life the sales-driven messages of our clients, the stories that made their brands interesting while retaining their identities. That’s how the magic happened: we created an experience and made their target audience curious without them even noticing. Connecting sense and sensibility.

Our other aim was to create a workplace where all our employees feel comfortable. A stress-free environment, where team members inspire each other. Since then, the most important thing in the hiring process is that employees choose us as much as we choose them. That is how we become a team.

With the dawn of the smart era, agencies, bloggers and influencers who consider themselves storytellers have suddenly emerged. However, the levers of human communication are constant: moving them requires communication expertise and responsibility as well. It only “worth” to tell stories in an ethical and smart way. Our purpose-driven clients find this expertise in the purpose-driven communications we represent.

What we offer


By bringing the brand to life through a good story, we move the customer from the interest phase to the “I want this!” phase.


Designing and implementing communication activities, we take care that our clients remain true to their mission, so that their reputation is credible and built for the long term


Nothing is as important as living relationships, maybe only their quality.
For this, you need professionalism, and – for that certain chemistry – the human factor.


You don’t necessarily need a BIG budget to make a story live. Rather, it needs a creative twist. It’s this “twist, not shout” approach that makes our brands successful.

Our clients who have taken advantage of all this

Over more than two decades, from world-renowned opera singers to foundations, start-ups and the world’s largest and most famous corporations, we’ve helped countless organisations and personalities bring their brands to life: finding the stories that best fit them, yet unique, and bringing these stories to our clients’ audiences.

We have gathered experiences, the thoughts have inspired us

Field for Thoughts

1998 1998 1999 The agency is founded by Ágnes
Szőke, PR expert and
Iván Mihályfi, graphic designer.
1999 1999 2000 1998 We were appointed to develop the
communication strategy
of all P&G brands.
2000 2000 2001 1999 Strong pharmaceutical division:
AstraZeneca, Abbott, then
Pfizer, Sanofi, Novartis.
2001 2001 2002 2000 We are working with 8 employees. 2002 2002 2003 2001 The agency also deals
with P&G's corporate
2003 2003 2004 2002 Launch of the Koronás Tej milk
trademark to protect the Hungarian
egg market.
2004 2004 2006-7 1999 The agency launches the
retail PR activity of
Raiffeisen Bank.
20067 2006-7 2008 2004 NOKIA, the leading
mobile phone manufacturer,
becomes our client.
2008 2008 2011 2006-7 Our lobby department is launched,
P&G is among our first clients.
2011 2011 2016 2008 Launch of the social media division. 2016 2016 2016 2011 We join the international
advertising agency MSL Group.
2016 2016 2019 2016 More and more influencer
stories are featured in our campaigns.
2019 2019 2020 2016 Our FMCG and Tech division
continues to grow, managing
campaigns for Pampers, Ariel, Lenor,
Head&Shoulders and Nokia Mobile.
2020 2020 2020 2019 Our social media division now
manages Facebook, Instagram,
LinkedIn, Twitter and
TikTok campaigns.
2020 2020 2021 2020 We decide to continue to
operate as a purpose-driven company.
2021 2021 2020 We launch,
Hungary's first Speakers Bureau.
2021 2021 2021 We develop the methodology
of purpose-driven communication
and make it the flagship of our


We would like to thank you for your great attitude and hard work at organising today’s event, which all contributed for it’s success! Everybody carried out their job very precisely and accurately and everything went smoothly. Once again, we have reached a significant milestone with you.

CEO of a nutrition and lifestyle association

Hello! I finally managed to get here and write down the most important words: thanks and gratitude to you all! It always feels great to work with good people for a good cause. Not secretly, this is one of my favourite campaigns, thank you!

Local brand manager for one of the world’s largest FMCG companies

Dear Open Team! Just wanted to thank you for this fantastic press launch. We did a super job together and although there wasn’t much time to prepare the campaign, everything was professional. We showed the client together that we were the most prepared consultants and could provide them with real professional support.

An account manager for an international PR network

Thank you Peter and the team! I am very happy with the results, and congratulations to you on the successful press campaign. I can see that you are all happy with the coverage and if you are happy, I am happy too. Thank you for the professionally planned and managed two days.

Regional communications manager for one of the world’s leading streaming services

I love working with you! Thank you!

An international partner

Girls! We were a great team again! I shed a few tears again at the press conference though! I am honoured I could work with you. Here’s to many more events like this!!!

Executive manager of a national non-profit organization

Thanks for your perseverance and Csenge’s tremendous enthusiasm. It really came across how much heart you put into this work. I think we have learnt a lot together during this project about influencer work, and I look forward to the lessons and results of the current implementation. I appreciate your creativity and proactivity! For me, you are the ones on this campaign that I know we couldn’t have done it without. 

Local sales marketing manager for one of the world’s largest FMCG companies