It’s good to be here

We like to come in, we like our colleagues, we like to have fun.
We believe that you can only be effective in a good atmosphere and you can only do quality work with enjoyment. It’s all about human relations.
We and our clients, we and the journalists, and we among each other. Respect for each other and for each other’s work is the foundation on which we can build. However, it’s still not enough to be a good team. It requires shared goals, shared experiences. Everyone who works here does so, because they believe in what everyone else believes in: that it’s important to do well and it’s good to be here.

We want to reflect our values in the followings:


Let’s start with the fact that the success of the company is your success as well, so we give bonuses every year whenever it is possible. When a new client “checks in” thanks to you, we reward it as well.


Flexible working hours and home office are standard with us. You need to recharge your batteries to stay mentally healthy. That’s why we actively fight against working overtime.


If you know what you want, we can help. Professionally, in position, in benefits. With us, you don’t have to quit to look for a new challenge: we can move up together by taking on a new client or starting a new division

Work-life balance

If you don’t have a life, you can’t succeed in the communications profession. It’s important to us that you have a personal life, because it is where you can draw from when you work for us. You need to know the world, the people, so you can be successful with us.


A lot of young people come to work for us. They are either before or after starting a family. There is no better or worse version, just a situation we have to solve together. We can work it all out, and most importantly, to everyone’s satisfaction.

Trainings, courses

From the moment you join, we keep your individual development in mind. We work with you to shape your future, striving to move you in the direction you are most interested in.


Weekly coffee breaks, in person or online, which give you the opportunity to recharge your batteries, strengthen your relationships and exchange professional experiences. Every Wednesday you can join the conversation, share your recent success or brainstorm on an exciting issue.


It’s sacred for us, just as the weekends. We don’t work on Saturdays that are working days. And at Christmas, we close the office for two weeks, and none of it affects your annual leave. All this is coordinated with the needs of our clients, of course.