Organising a complex event with top P&G executives, government, business decision-makers and the press, adhering to the strict factory rules of filming and entry.

A complex challenge from both a public affairs and event management perspective.

P&G has built its second factory in Gyöngyös, Hungary. The opening ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister of Hungary and several prominent leaders. The opening ceremony was preceded by a serious consultation process, and the organisation of the event required a great deal of care. To move a complex group of guests, including the company’s own employees, P&G management and other business decision-makers, as well as members of the press at the same time and to meet the various demands and constraints, required the work of our senior event planners and consultants, as well as professional subcontractors.


Organising the official opening ceremony and press event of the new diaper factory with politicians and government representatives.



Thanks to intensive lobbying and public affairs activity, a major press event and factory opening was organised and held with the participation of the Prime Minister and senior government officials.


26 million reach
(160% increase on target).
More than 100 media releases.