The charity campaign for the smallest has moved to an online space

Our long-time partner Pampers, which has been supporting the premature intensive care units of Hungarian hospitals for years, wanted to help KORE (National Association for Premature Infants) with its charity programme.


Organisation of a charity campaign and coordination of influencer collaboration in connection with World Prematurity Day.



We had to find a safe solution to the Pampers campaign during the coronavirus situation, so the charity moved online.

We wanted to reach everyone able to give: we provided support to the campaign from all sides to ensure its success. To do this, we needed to find the strongest opinion-shapers: experts (doctors, nurses), media representatives, and influencers who had experienced the difficulties of premature birth first hand. Beyond traditional media, social media also spread the word and attracted people.


KORE (one of the largest and most active Hungarian NGOs helping families with premature babies) received 3.5 million Hungarian forints from the supporters.