Ensuring the comfort of babies while dancing and singing, guaranteeing the legitimacy of Pampers nappies with humour

Good content, perfect partnership, integrated channels, and the result: a huge number of publications and high level of reach.

The Bugipelus campaign was designed to promote the brand’s non-classic nappies (nappy pants) in a way that educated and entertained, while delivering messages. After numerous Pampers campaigns we had already implemented, it was perhaps harder to show something new – but we did it! The Apacuka children’s song (referring to fathers and a band with the same name) has deservedly become the main element of the six-month communication plan, and one that will remain a versatile and permanent feature in the future.


Promoting Pampers nappies in an unconventional way, dispelling misconceptions about the product and developing long-term influencer and ambassador partnerships for the brand.



We created a PR campaign spanning 6 months based on the concept of “getting active” – and if we’re getting active , let’s dance! This is how the idea of collaborating with Apacuka, a Hungarian band was born, and together with them, the Bugipelus song and video clip, which highlighted all the important features of Pampers nappies, without being intrusive. This song became the main element of the campaign and was used on a number of platforms, be it through ambassador and influencer collaborations, social media communication or even prize draws. It entertained and educated at the same time, while taking on a life of its own through sharing.


More than 315,000 YouTube views in a year