Press communication to celebrate Nokia’s iconic snake game

We persevere through thick and thin. We are constantly fine-tuning the company’s capabilities to the market.

It’s no secret that the Nokia brand has changed a lot in recent years. It’s hard to get attention alongside the market leaders, to get appearances, to get people’s attention on this brand again. But there are some things that people never forget! We’ve built on that.


Generating impressions in online media and social media on the anniversary of Nokia’s world-famous snake game.



We looked for a place in 2020 for Nokia’s iconic snake game, one of the world’s most famous phone games – with a focus on Nokia’s current phones, of course. We believed that World Snakes Day was the perfect day to invite fans to play the game on Nokia’s social media platforms and share nostalgia together. Building on World Snake Day, we also generated news to mark the anniversary. We aimed to create quality online presences to ensure that our client’s messages reached a potential new audience beyond hardcore Nokia fans.


We generated over 13 million reach in relevant online media, and our “snake” social media posts had an engagement rate of over 5%.