Family day for 550 people at Lake Rukkel for MEKH employees

You have to come up with something new every year! In 2019, we had to find each other through code-breaking, and those who succeeded were not left without a gift! The event was organised around a creative idea that engaged everyone – even the food was chosen accordingly. In the year of the WOC, everything revolved around water, and it worked!


Organising a 550-person, all-day family day for MEKH (Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority) staff and their families at an external venue. Developing the overall concept of the event, organising and running the entire event, from travel to catering and activities.



The right choice of venue is very important for an event with 550 people. Lake Rukkel was the ideal venue for more than 30 different summer programmes, from sports tournaments to theatre events – there was something for everyone. The real challenge of the event was coordinating the 28 subcontractors – our events team managed the project from conceptualisation and programme booklet design to the management of each parts of the event.


For six years, we organised the MEKH Family Day for 350 adults and 200 children, to the complete satisfaction of both the client and the participants.