The old image is a thing of the past

As part of an international network, Euronics is no longer a warehouse store, but a trendy, modern, streamlined technical store.

We wanted new shoppers who were young, vibrant, attracted and lured into the store by the new image.


Our task was to support and showcase the renewal of Euronics. The company started to communicate again after many years of silence.

New logo and slogan, new approach to advertising, which was accompanied by the organisation of a press event and impression generation.



We conducted two extensive surveys (among Euronics employees and customers) on what an ideal technical store looked like. We organised a press event that focused on renewal, fit in with Euronics’ life cycle and objectives, helped build long-term press relations and rebuilt the image of the technical store in all its aspects.

For the concept of the press event, we chose a cool location with a panoramic view (High Note SkyBar), from where Euronics “overlooked the market” and the stars were close enough.


Over 9 million reach,
41 media releases.