We’re showing the true character of the egg, so everyone can pick up on it again

With good content, we built a community of 10,000 followers in a year.

There have been a lot of misconceptions about eggs over the past decades. Does it raise our cholesterol level? Is it good if the yolk is yellower? The bigger the better? Is it worth to buy deep-litter or free-range eggs? OpenCom created the “HU, de tojás” Facebook page, which gained 10,000 followers in just over six months – and all this largely organically, with super interesting posts, reaching out to all those who had barely received these messages in the past.


Launching an educational Facebook page for the Hungarian Egg Association (which had not yet used social platforms before) to reach the widest possible audience, to build an “egg community” and gain at least 6,500 followers in 9 months.



In addition to organic reach supported by substantial content, we also support the site with carefully structured PPC campaigns. Professional messages are targeted to the audience with personalised posts.


The largest Hungarian online community for egg fans in Hungary, with 24 thousand current followers.